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Fall 2019 Office Hours Listed Below

The ERC’s mission is to shift public opinion of the queer community on campus and in the local area from tolerance to acceptance. The ERC creates a hub for students to learn about events and organizations on campus.

The Eric Rofes Multicultural Queer Resource Center (or ERC) is named in honor of Eric Rofes. The center was established after his death and commemorates and continues his community organizing efforts around Queer/Anti-Racist/Feminist activism.

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Meet the Staff:

Blue Matute - Events Director

Email: mrm1099@humboldt.edu
Office Hours Fall 2019: Wednesday/Friday 12-2pm & by Appointment


Neesh Wells - Publicity and Outreach

Email: inw7@humboldt.edu  
Office Hours Fall 2019: Monday 3-4pm, Friday 12-1:50pm, & by Appointment

 Alex Encomienda - Volunteer & Resource Director

Email: jee181@humboldt.edu  
Office Hours Fall 2019: Tuesday 2-3pm, Friday 2-3pm


Paige Jones - Fiscal Director

Email: pjj7@humboldt.edu  
Office Hours Fall 2019: Monday 11am-1pm and Wednesday 10-12pm & by Appointment


Dr. Leslie Rossman - Advisor

Email: leslie.rossman@humboldt.edu


Email Us at: erc@humboldt.edu

(ERC Staff 2019-2020 from left to right: Lex Encomienda, Neesh Wells, Paige Jones, Blue Matute)

 Fall 2018 Staff

(ERC Staff 2018-2019 from left to right: Neesh Wells, Tai Parker, Kelsey Young, Lex Encomienda ) 

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