A picture of the ERC logo, a book with a rainbow and the trans flag

General Updates

Many changes has been made to the ERC and our website. We have finished moving into a new building and we are excited to kick off the semester with lots of events! If you need to reach us, please send an email to erc@humboldt.edu


- Keep updated on our events on Instagram @erc_humboldt!

- We have started a Queer Community Garden and we are looking for volunteers! Please fill out this form or email us if you are interested. To fill out the form please use your Humboldt email address.

- We are in our new location in Nelson Hall West room 202! Office hours are posted on our resources and services tab, where you can admire our lovely queer library.

- We now have an all gender bathroom list and map! Take a look at it here or in either of our resource tabs.

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