The ERC's Public All Gender Bathroom List

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Due to lack of information this bathroom list may be incomplete. If you are interested in gathering/you know directions for where all gender bathrooms are located on campus or which are Americans with Disabilities accessible, please email

The list is of all the bathrooms available to students and does not include locked buildings or internal bathrooms within certain programs. Here is the list of all the all gender bathrooms, internal and public.

Last updated October 13th, 2023


S.O. - Single Occupancy

Multi Stall - Restrooms with multiple stalls


A map of campus that has all the public all gender bathrooms on it



- B -

Balabanis House (SJEIC) 

  • First Floor Restroom S.O.

In the back through the kitchen

A picture of Balabanis House's First Floor Restroom

  • Second Floor Restroom S.O.

Up the stairs to the left

A picture of Balabanis House's Second Floor Restroom

Behavioral & Social Sciences (BSS)

  • First Floor Restroom

Across from room 103 (storage room) on the left side of the main building.

All gender bathroom on the first floor of the Behavioral and Social Studies building.

Buck House (CCAT)

  • First Floor Restroom S.O.

Towards the back right corner

A picture of CCAT's First Floor Restroom

- F -

Founders Hall

  • Second Floor - Room 237 S.O. 

Up the front stairs to the right, by Room 236

A picture of Founders Hall's Second Floor Restroom


- G -

Gist Hall

  • First Floor - Room 101A S.O.

Next to the Dance and Movement Studio 102

A picture of Gist Hall's First Floor Restroom




- H -

Hadley House 

  • First Floor Restroom - Room 104B S.O. 

Straight down the hallway from entrance

A picture of the Hadley House's First Floor Restroom

Harry Griffith Hall

  • Second Floor Restroom Multi-stall

Next to the Department of Child Development

A picture of Harry Griffith Hall's Second Floor Restroom

- K -

Kinesiology & Athletics

  • First Floor Restroom (2) S.O. 

Between Men’s and Women’s locker rooms for the pool; No direct pool access

A picture of Kinesiology and Athletics's First Floor Restroom

- L -


  • Second Floor Restroom Multi-stall

Left from the stairs, right when leaving elevator

A picture of the Library's Second Floor Restroom




- N -

Natural Resources

  • First Floor - Room 103 S.O.

By the back entrance, head straight after entering from front entrance

A picture of Natural Resource's First Floor Restroom

Nelson Hall East

  • First Floor S.O.

Across from Conference Room 106

A picture of Nelson Hall East's First Floor Restroom

Second Floor (2) S.O.

Across from 212, the Cultural Centers for Academic Excellence and Academic Advising Office

A picture of Nelson Hall East's Second Floor Restroom

- R -

Recreation & Wellness Center

  • First Floor Restroom  S.O

Recently reopened! Under the alcove outside of the building, next to the bike learning center. Only open 8am-5pm.

A picture of Recreation and Wellness Center's First Floor Restroom

- S -

Science C

  • First Floor Restroom  S.O.

First left when entering the front entrance, between Room 103 and Room 105

A picture of one of Science C's First Floor Restroom

A picture of Science C's First Floor Restroom