The ERC’s Resources

Located at the ERC’s Office: Nelson Hall West Room 202

Weekly Open Office Hours (Monday 11-3, Wednesday 12-2, Friday 11-3)

Are you interested in chatting with our all-student staff on campus? Do you have any ideas for positive change within our center? Are you unsure where certain resources are on and off campus? Would you like to volunteer in the future? Feel free to come by our open office hours. This is also the time our Queer Library is available, which you can read more information about below.

Our Queer Library (Monday 11-3, Wednesday 12-2, Friday 11-3)

Our Queer Library is a collection of over 300 books we have available for check-out for students and faculty. We have our books listed online on the website LibraryThing if you would like to look at our selection beforehand. We also have a “book of the week” highlight going on our Instagram. If you are unable to stop by our available times, feel free to email us at and we would be more than happy to schedule a time where you can come in and browse.

Gender Affirming Clothing Closet (OPEN! 7am-5pm M-F)
Located in Nelson Hall West, Room 214

Our Gender Affirming Clothing Closet is a space on campus where students are able to go to and from without bother in order to experiment with free clothes that have been donated by other students. This is a resource to help give wider access to experimentation in terms of gender expression without the worry of cost or going to a physical store. Students are also able to return any clothing that didn’t work for them with no hassle.

If you are interested in donating clothes, feel free to email us at, or follow us on our Instagram or our Email List to know when we are accepting donations.

DONATION NEED: We need more (lightly worn) clothes! Feel free to drop them off during our office hours.

Events on Campus

We also strive to create safe spaces on campus for our 2SLGBTQIA+ students. We have put on and hope to continue to put on events like Queer Speed Friending, Queer Game Nights, Queer Karaoke, Qtalks, and our annual Transgender Resource Expo. If you would like to stay updated on what events are happening, follow us on our Instagram or sign up for our Email List.

Presentations and Information

Our staff can do presentations for your class, club, or organization regarding queer resources on and off campus, as well as sexuality and gender information. Getting to know your resources on campus can be a great way to help build further accessibility to said resources. If you are interested in receiving a presentation then email us at

Volunteer Experience

We host a variety of different volunteering opportunities to help build our center into the best it can be. It can also be a great way to meet new people and gain potential service learning hours. If you would like to stay updated on what opportunities we will have to help our center, follow us on our Instagram or sign up for our Email List.

Please contact us at if you: 

  • Have ideas for an event
  • Want to set up a presentation
  • Would like to volunteer with us
  • Would like to check out books from our library
  • Have any questions
  • Want to set up a meeting to check out the ERC office
  • Anything else queer resource-related!

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